The exhibition

The small Antiquarium, built in the area in front of the castle, houses an extensive graphicand photographic documentation of the excavations of the sanctuary, and a wide selection of material resulting from the excavations. Copies are shown when the originals are on display at the Villa Giulia Museum in Rome, for instance the three inscribed golden sheets, the” acroteri,” the high reliefs of the façades of the two temples and the antefixes.

The redevelopment programme for the whole “borgo” ( area in front of the castle) is aimed at the realization of a huge artistic and cultural complex and includes the opening of the Pirgy National Museum, which is nearing completion. This will be housed in the Manica Lunga and Manica Corta buildings, both located at the sides of Barrozze Square (Piazzale delle Barrozze).


Antiquarium di Pyrgi: veduta internaAntiquarium di Pyrgi: veduta internaAntiquarium di Pyrgi: veduta internafrontone del tempio di PyrgiLe lamine con iscrizioni