The main office

The museum is housed in what used to be the Franciscan monastery of Santa Maria del Riposo and
contains tomb items from the numerous and rich necropolises of the area. Founded in 1247, after a miracle performed by St Francis during his stay in Tuscania in 1222, the monasteryof Santa Maria
del Riposo is connected and architecturally linked with the adjacent Renaissance church of the same name.

The original monastery building has lost its typical form due to improper use over the centuries and also troubled events related to the history of the monument. The cloister, which was built in 1579, is well-preserved. It has four sides, covered by cross vaults and separated from the outside by a harmonious colonnade with semicircular arches. These are supported by fantastic capitals deriving from a mixture of various styles, which spans from the Etruscan age to the Romanic-Gothic. The porch has fine frescoed lunettes ( half moons) from the 17th century showing the life of St Francis. It also shows the coats of arms of the noble families of Tuscania.

The museum is divided on two floors.