The Soprintendenza is responsible for looking after of the territory regarding the already known archaeological areas and the monitoring of new sites, which emerge daily from private and public activity, with the collaboration of regional institutions.

The Soprintendenza carries out excavations at the main archaeological sites, both with its own technical staff and with the help of archeologists coming from universities and other technical institutes. It also coordinates excavations with the aid of  Italian or foreign Universities.

Ensuring the protection, of the archaeological heritage the Soprintendenza receives help from the security force, especially from the Comando Carabinieri Tutela Patrimonio Culturale and the Gruppo Patrimonio Archeologico del nucleo Polizia Tributaria della Guardia di Finanza, in helping to repress illegal activities.

The function of the Soprintendenza comprises:

  • restoration
  • inventory
  • photographic and graphic documentation
  • cataloguing
  • study

of movable and immovable goods found during the excavations or kept in other museums or in private collections. The role of the Soprintendenza also concerns:

  • promotion and realization of exhibitions
  • the realization of new ideas for museums
  • didactic activity.

The Soprintendenza is divided into information services and offices.